Available for iPhone and iPad.


Quarta is an original digital board game with a unique generative soundtrack, designed and created by Kennerspiel des Jahres nominated game designer Brett J. Gilbert and musician, software designer and Bloom co-creator Peter Chilvers.

Two players take turns to place tiles, build areas of coloured ‘quarta’s, and claim those areas to control the three colours. Each game lasts only a few minutes, and is played until the tiles fill a 5×5 square. The winner is the player who controls the most colours at the end of the game.

But Quarta is also something more. As you play, Quarta creates a totally unique piece of music – an individual soundtrack for every game – driven by the arrangement of areas built by the players.

Key features

  • Designed for digital: A brand new two-player tile game created especially for iOS.
  • Simple, engaging gameplay: Tutorial gets you playing in 60 seconds. A game takes a few minutes.
  • Unique generative soundtrack: A new piece of music created every time you play.
  • Sophisticated, dynamic AI: In ‘Solo’ mode, players will discover a strong, adaptive AI opponent, which refines its play as they improve and provides a satisfying opponent for even the most experienced players.
  • Listen mode: In ‘Listen’ mode players can simply watch and enjoy a unique piece of generative music.

About the creators

Brett J. Gilbert (game design & visual design) is a professional game designer. His first board game, Divinare, published by Asmodee in 2012, was recommended by the Spiel des Jahres 2013 jury. Elysium, published in 2015 by Space Cowboys, has been nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres award. Quarta is his first digital game.

Peter Chilvers (iOS development & soundtrack design) is a musician and software designer. Best known for creating the iOS apps Bloom, Trope and Scape with Brian Eno, he has also toured with Karl Hyde (Underworld) and recorded a number of albums with vocalist Tim Bowness.